REQUEST Ender 3Pro Ender Extender

Hi i have an ender 3 pro with the Creality Silent board 4.2.7, bltouch and i recently did the ender extender 400x400 with custom height of 700mm my Bl Touch isnt probing the new bed its still doing the smaller 220 can someone helb me out please…

You should be able to do this via the builder right now - just ender your new bed dimensions and height.

You’ll need to configure your BLTouch as you have it connected and select your bed leveling method.

Start with the “Ender 3 + v4.2.7 Mainboard” preset and configure from there.

Ive tried the builder, 3,4 times my printer ends up with a blank blue screen… doesnt work i had to use the pre built file i already had… the stepper motor option doesn tallow me to choose the one on the .4.2.7 board they say 2208 i have2225 but either way my screen lights up but nothing shows when i use one of those custom build options

The stepper selection doesn’t matter on the Creality boards - as they’re all in A4498 compatibility mode anyway.

That being said, I’ve never had a problem with the screen.

Try reformatting your SD Card - make sure its FAT32 with 4096 byte allocation size and try again. You might need to rename the file to make it flash again.

Sweet it worked, reformatted and renamed to something shorter now my probe is probing mid air so either I need to adjust the machine or find some settings I guess… wont be printing today lol…

So I’ve managed to correctly set the Bltouch on the bed with the offsets. I also managed to correct the Esteps for the extruder that was a pain in my ass! anyway now I am only getting 3 VERY spaced out probes. Is the what changes on the Custom build option of (Grid size X & Y) ? its set at 3, so if I change that to what I had before which was 25 would this get back the 25 points to probe? Thanks guys I’m learning sorry…

Ok this isnt working… i dont know what i am doing… i dont know what options do what or how they work
Now the printer is trying to print to the left front corner in mid air… im going to have to revert back to the firmware it originally had ive spent the whole day at this trying diferent options on the custom builder i manage to get the files to work but now aperantly im not selecting the right options… This is a Request post if someone can help great.
I have an Ender 3 Pro with the Creality 4.2.7 silent board, BLTouch and the bed is 400x400x700 thanks to whom ever decides to make the firmware.