Firmware for Ender 3 v1 4.2.2 with blt?

Hi, I got just got a membership for the site but i seem to hit a snag… I have a Ender 3 V1 with a 4.2.2 board and blt. But when I Download the firmware on the site it shows it for Ender pro. I installed it but it acting a bit weird and does not let me set the z offset to a negative? Am I missing something or is that firmware not for the original Ender 3, thanks

On the firmware side, the Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro are the same. There’s only physical hardware differences.

Thanx for respond… any clue why the z offset can’t go to negative?

Any luck getting your Z axis to go negative so you can level it to the bed? My Z is always 10m off the build plate.