Ender 3 V2 with CR Touch and Z Stop Switch


I am new here, I have a CR Touch which the probe is used as the Z stop switch, but I relised that correct z of it varies so I was thinking If it’s possible to build a firmware with Z stop swicth and CR Touch (BLTouch) ? That way I will get more accurate 0 value otherwise CR Touch will be out of the window soon pointless. I can’t even level is if I Home Z axis 10 times minimum 2 times it gives different 0 point. All my hardware are fully secure gantry etc

I’m also new and just trying to figure out things for myself. I came across your post while trying to figure out how to install, configure, and use the CR Touch on my Ender 3 Max and Ender 3 v2. Have you been able to figure out your leveling issue? Did you still have this issue after enabling Mesh Bed Leveling?

I don’t know what plug etc comes with the CRTouch - but it is 100% BLTouch compatible.

If you have a PROBE port on your mainboard, you really should use that - as the Z-Stop input is usually filtered via a capacitor - which can change the trigger point accuracy. The PROBE port is normally unfiltered and goes directly to the CPU pin.

That being the case, you may have to crimp a new connector onto the cable for the CRTouch to suit - but I don’t know much about this as I’ve never actually seen one.