Ender 3 Pro, v4.2.7, BLTouch Firmware builder

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I am not seeing the answer.

I built firmware for the Ender3pro v4.2.7 and BLTouch. I kept all the defaults Printer Options, Stepper Options
On Bed Leveling, I choose BLTouch with Probe Port, Bilinear 5. Added LCD Leveling, Probe offset wizard, and left the Enable baby steps as default.

On Advance, I added Classic Jerk and S Curve,

My issue, after I loaded the firmware, I set the Z offset, but I do not see any way to set the Probe to nozzle XY Offset. Is that in the LCD setting somewhere? Or is it missing from the Wizard?

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I believe the wizard only does the Z offset.

Teaching Tech has a good video about how to do that here:

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In this video at the 6:52 he shows it.

I would love to use your tool as I have never been able to build my own firmware. Cant even get it to load on the printer.

Correct, but don’t we need to set the distance from the bltouch to the nozzle in the X and Y? As when I try to do an auto home, the nozzle is on the corner of the bed but the BLTouch is not.

Yes, but you can set it via the menu:

Configuration → Advanced Settings → Probe Offsets

You will need to measure it though - as there’s no wizard for the X and Y axis.

You can however fine tune by setting the measured value, then performing a Home, and then confirming that the probe ends up in the middle of the bed.

Sorry, Sir, I didn’t see that there.

Thank You.

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